How much do park homes cost?

A difficult question - a bit like asking how much a house costs! And of course the answer is all down to location, location, location. Generally, park homes compare very favourably with the cost of a detached house in a similar area, which, combined with the attractive lifestyle, is why so many people chose to retire to a park home park.

Can I get a mortgage on a park home?

Because of the unique legal tenure of park homes and because you are not actually buying any interest in the land on which the park home is situated, most conventional high street mortgage lenders would not provide you with finance. However, if you are not a cash buyer, it is possible to arrange financing for a park home through specialist finance companies such as RoyScot Larch.

Is stamp duty applicable when buying a residential park home?

Stamp duty is a tax payable on a transfer, conveyance or lease of land. As a park home owner you do not own the land where your home is sited, so no stamp duty is payable.

Are park homes subject to Home Information Packs (HIPs) and Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)?

Park homes are excluded from this legislation which requires sellers of properties to provide an information pack to prospective purchasers. They are also excluded from the requirement for an Energy Performance Certificate.

What is included in the selling price of a park home?

The selling price of a residential park home bought through a park will usually include all fixtures, fittings, siting and connection to services. This should be clarified with the park operator before making a purchase decision.

What is a pitch fee and how much will it cost?

To occupy a home on a park, you will need to pay a pitch fee. This may be paid to the park owner weekly, monthly or annually. It will form part of your agreement and includes charges to cover the park's running costs, including items such as sewage, water, upkeep of the communal grounds, road maintenance etc. Cost vary, but fees usually start from around £80 per month. Communities and Local Government has produced a useful fact sheet on pitch fees.

Do estate agents list pre-owned park homes for sale?

Some do. Specialist park home magazines such as Park Home and Holiday Caravan are another way of finding homes for sale; alternatively contact parks directly in the area you would like to live in. Alternatively you can visit websites such as the Park Home and Holiday Caravan magazine website or ''.