The Park Home Lifestyle

What is it about park homes that people really love?

Is it the sense of community, so often lost these days?
Or the opportunity to release capital and choose a relaxed lifestyle?
Maybe it's the fact that homes can be purpose-built to suit your requirements? There are so many reasons.

Park homes have come a long way.  The quality of the build and the design is now exceptional.  If you want to see just how spectacular some homes are, click on the Homes Gallery to see NCC member manufacturers' homes.  And that is not all that has got better.  Many park operators have invested in improved facilities - anything from friendly clubhouses and bowling greens to the latest eco homes. 

Park home owners were assured of a better deal when Government brought in additional protection for owners in England - The Mobile Homes Act 2013 (England) - there has also been updated legislation to protect residents in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

So there are many reasons to consider living in a park home on a protected park, where you can enjoy a secure and tranquil environment, particularly if you are retired.