Gold Shield

A free warranty - make sure you buy a Gold Shield home

Make sure you buy a Gold Shield home.

Not only is your new park home the product of craftsmanship and quality materials, its structure may also be covered under the Gold Shield Ten Year Warranty scheme – at no charge!

Gold Shield is a free manufacturer’s structural warranty for park home owners - paid for by the manufacturer.  It lasts for ten years from the date of purchase – all you have to do is register as the homeowner.

How to get the free Gold Shield Ten Year Warranty

It’s simple – make sure you buy your new park home from a Gold Shield registered park and that it was built by a Gold Shield registered manufacturer.  Confirm this with Gold Shield before you purchase. 

Then simply fill in the application form supplied with your new home, have it completed by your park manager and send it off.  Your Gold Shield Warranty Certificate will give you up to ten years of cover – FREE OF CHARGE.

What does the warranty cover?

Gold Shield covers the cost of remedial work that may be required in the unlikely event of an inherent defect in the load bearing structure of your new park home – over a ten year period from the date the home was first purchased.  In addition, in the first year, you are entitled to cover for every part, component, fixture and fitting in your new home under the manufacturer's warranty.

NB: the Gold Shield Warranty is not an insurance, so it doesn’t replace the need for home cover.

Owners’ responsibilities

Apart from insuring it, it is important to look after your home, as you would any residence, making sure you regularly check the outside walls and roof.  Have it properly recoated according to the manufacturer’s handbook, where you will find advice and guidance on the care of your home.  Your park manager may also be able to advise you. 

For more information and to contact Gold Shield go to the website.